About Jean

Jean Sean had a great time being in the adult industry in San Fernando Valley. He now spends most of his time in his mansion with his beautiful family. Jean is not ashamed of his profession and is still not ashamed of it now. In fact, he decided to put up this blog to share his knowledge about sex to anyone who might need it. 

Jean, who is now 47, had a pretty colorful career. He started as a model for an agency and got noticed by one of the top porn production companies in California. With a hefty pay, and of course the sex, he could not turn down the offer. He enjoyed every single scene, partner, and position there was. He also managed to educate himself on the science of libido, intercourse and sexual health that he wants to share to everyone. 

After a few years into retirement, he decided to put up this website as a creative outlet. He had learned so much from his beautiful career that he thinks it’s time to pass it to everyone interested. 

thewhiterabbitstgo.com is now available for everyone who seeks to feed their minds when it comes to sex, libido, and anything related to it. We deliver weekly articles, including reader-submitted contents, and notes from our friends from the health industry.