Micropenis facts that you might be unaware of but are still significant.

If you have ever come across the talk about micropenis, then you know for sure that it is a medical term. Since it is very rare, many do not know enough about it. Below we will present some of the micropenis facts. Is it a disease, and what causes it?

Yes, They Are Real. 

Now, surely while you were growing up, you had at least one friend whose penis was too small, and you and your peers joked about it. Maybe the partner you loved endlessly disappointed you during the first romantic night, even though he did his best to satisfy you. 


As much as he was sweating and shivering, it just wasn’t enough for you. Still, have you ever really seen micropenis? Let’s see what falls under this category. 


First of all, this is detected in boys while they are still babies and their penises are abnormally small. So, we are not talking about a penis that is slightly smaller than your boyfriend’s. We are talking about worrying measurements.


Yup, doctors measure the newborn’s stretched penile length (SPL). If the SPL is somewhere between 2.8 to 4.2 cm, it is considered normal, and if it is between 1.9 and 2.8 cm, then it is smaller. However, if the SPL is less than 1.9 cm, well, it is a micropenis.


When considering an adult male, the average erect penis should be around 13.24 cm. Go 9.32 cm or lower, and you have a micropenis. There is no cure for this, but the doctors prescribe hormone therapy that could significantly increase the measurements.

It Is a Disease for Men 

The fact that only 0.6% of men belong to the group that has this condition makes their lives even harder. Being a minority is always difficult, especially if you are a minority because of something unacceptable. 


That strikes men to the core because it robs them of masculinity and pleasure in every way. If a boy starts testosterone therapy on time, the problem may disappear. But, even when everything turns out as it should, this feeling from boyhood accompanies a man in adulthood.


He gains in size, but never enough. He learns to live with it being below average, but there are still traumas. There is suspicion, and there is guilt towards the family over bad genes. There is insecurity, anger, and rage.

A Micropenis Is Rare 

So, the condition is rare, and fetal testosterone deficiency usually causes it. But which babies are susceptible to it, and what are the factors that affect testosterone deficiency in the fetus?


Well, the factors are mostly genes. There is a presumption that the problem may arise if the mother exposed herself to certain pest chemicals during pregnancy. However, there is still not much research on this assumption. 


Given the impact on men, we must take it seriously. Let us remind ourselves once again how much it hurts to be small among the big ones. So, when should this condition be treated for the most successful results? In childhood, before puberty.


Hormone therapy with testosterone, in the form of an injection or gel, is usually sufficient. In many infants, the penis does grow, but it is not certain that it will continue to grow normally over the years. 


Of course, there is another solution: phalloplasty. It is an operation during which a doctor takes skin from another part of the body.

It Affects Men’s Sex Life 

Micropenis in no way affects an individual’s daily activities. His ability to go to the toilet, masturbate, enjoy sex and reach orgasm function healthy. But what you need to know about micropenis is that anxiety can affect the sex life of an individual with an abnormally small genital organ.

Even some men who can boast of the number of it in their panties become anxious about the sex life. The media, TV and the Internet show us an unrealistic picture of the average person and what he can and cannot do.


So, imagine how insecure this group of 0.6% of men around the globe we are talking about feels? No matter how much they get ready from head to toe, “What happens when we get to sex” always runs through their heads.

First of all, they worry about how their partner will look at them. They also worry whether they will be able to satisfy that person. And did you know that not every woman can easily experience a vaginal orgasm, and some of them rarely experience it?


Focus on clitoral stimulation, oral sex, and even dry humping since these may satisfy the woman of your life like never before. And only those men who are committed to their partner are true lovers. So don’t despair.

There Are Psychological Implications Too 

Dear anxiety, what is your last name? Anxiety has become your normal state, and you know too little about it. And you are not alone in this. Psychologists have determined that anxiety in people with micropenis is proportional to the state of anxiety in people with a normal and large penis.


Lack of self-confidence affects the lives of men, both sexually and in their functioning in life in general. Statistics say that almost 85% of women are satisfied with the size and appearance of their partner’s penis. However, 45% of men consider themselves not gifted down there.


Stories circle from room to room, and nothing is normal anymore. Or maybe we don’t know what’s normal. We are bombarded with bad influences every day, which further negatively affects our social role and interaction with the world.


This is a topic that humanity needs to take seriously. Children should not be allowed to laugh at their peers because of their size. This is something that we should normalize in schools and anywhere around young humans as well. 


That way, girls will not grow up in the delusion that all they have to do is look for a big penis, and boys will grow up happy and satisfied. Today, these men feel ashamed, insecure, and unhappy. The cycle of normalizing the thinking that only men with large penises can satisfy a woman should be interrupted.