Size Guide When Buying Inflatable Dildos

Are you planning to get an inflatable dildo this time? You must have heard about titillating stories about inflatable dildo and now you wish to have one in your adult toy arsenal as well. That’s cool- inflatable dildos are pure charm. They are great for women who crave to feel a bigger size inside but are apprehensive of trying of big-sized dildos. Not all vaginas are able to take in big sizes and inflatable dildos are just “the” thing for them. With inflatable dildos, you have a small dildo to penetrate which blows up into a large size when you pump it once the toy goes inside. This way, you don’t have to hurt yourself with physically (read externally) large dildos.

The adult toy market today is flooded with a vast selection of inflated dildos given the rising popularity of the toy. But, then not would be equally compatible for you. Thus, the post below offers a brief on how to choose the right inflatable dildo for your adult toy collection.

Be careful of the material

Inflatable dildos are available in a variety of materials. But your best bet here is a dildo made of silicone. Silicone inflatable dildos are free of harmful Pthalates, are hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. Moreover, silicone is extremely soft and hence feels very gentle on your delicate vaginal or anal skin. Another thing is that, silicone is a breeze to clean. As it’s a non-porous material, it does not harbor fungi or bacteria which makes it absolutely safe for the body. Remember, your vagina and anal are two of the most sensitive areas of your body and hence you should only use the safest of toys here.

Check the size

When it comes to inflatable dildos, you will have to check two sizes- the insertable size or length and the inflatable length. Some dildos can reach twice the size of its insertable size when inflated. That’s a great thing if you are cool to accommodate such a huge size inside your body. The rule of the thumb is to find a dildo which assures the maximum insertable length of less than 5”- especially when you are  a beginner. If you have some degree of experience with dildos, then you can go for a dildo with 6” of insertable length but try not to go farther. Inflatable dildos are especially for those who want a bigger size inside but find it tough to penetrate a larger size. So, if the insertable length of your inflatable dildo is larger than 6”, you will again have the same problem.

Check the type

Apart from regular types, inflatable dildos come in two major variations- dildos with suction cup and dildo with vibrator.

A suction cup dildo is the best thing if you want hand-free dildo play. You would need to fix these dildos to a plain surface, say a wall, and then you would just need to thrust to and forth into it. There is no need to hold it as it stay stuck to the wall. You can use a suction cup dildo even when you are with your partner. As he won’t need to hold the dildo here, he will be able to keep his hands busy in other more interesting stuff.

An inflatable dildo with vibrator comes with a little bullet vibrator inside. These toys are great when you are craving for an extra buzz with your regular dildo experience. If you are buying an inflatable dildo with vibrator, check the vibration settings on offer. More buzz variations you will get, greater will be the fun. Also, the extra “buzz” factor would do wonders to amp up your stimulation game big time.

Dildo with curved tip

Not all dildos are shaped the same way. For the best experience, you should always look for an inflatable dildo that comes with a curved or bent tip. Thanks to their strategic design, these dildos are able to hit the sweet spots like a pro. Whether you want to use the dildo for G-spot stimulation or P-spot stimulation, be mindful of the design.

Ease of operation

Nothing is worse than a pump that makes in inconvenient to inflate your dildo once it gets inside your body. Thus, always look for an inflatable dildo that assures an easily operable pump. It’s smarter to test the pump before you enter the toy inside. Once you get the toy delivered to your home, take it out and test the pump. If you find it user-friendly, you are cool to go ahead. But if not, try to return it and get the refund. In fact, it’s always better to check beforehand whether or not your chosen inflatable dildo can be returned or not. You should only buy a toy that allows easy return. If looking for a physical store is difficult in your area, we recommend you to visit this online store when you need some premium-quality inflatable dildos.

Don’t forget a comparative study

As mentioned previously, there is no dearth of inflatable dildos in the market today. But, you can’t just settle with the very first such dildo you come across online. You need to make a shortlist of 4-5 such toys and carry on a comparative study on them. Check their make, design, reviews and ratings. The one you go for should boast a long line of rave reviews and stellar ratings. A dildo is something that will be used in some of the most delicate parts of your body and you cannot compromise on the quality here.

Final words

Don’t forget to buy a lube when you are buying an inflatable dildo. Some dildos come in a combo pack with lube on tow. Otherwise you will also find the lubes separately. You will need to use the lube each time you will insert the dildo inside your vagina or anal. In fact, you will need more lube while inserting the toy inside anal as, unlike vagina, the anus can’t lubricate itself. Besides, you would also need to use the lubricant while taking out the toy from your body. Remember to be extremely gentle with insertion, pumping and removal of your dildo.